Every Day is a Chance to Have a Successful Career!

An Open Letter to Anyone Who Missed Out on a Promotion and Feels Like They Have Had a Number of Career Setbacks,

I heard you missed out on that promotion at work. Wanted to drop a line and tell you that I believe in you. I believe that future career success is yours for the taking.

Right now you are probably thinking ‘what a nice note’. And in some ways it is. But to be honest it doesn’t really matter what I believe, truly, it matters that you do!

I know things have been tough for you in your pursuit of success. I know that you have had many setbacks in your journey. Here is the thing: every single person in the world has these kinds of career setbacks, especially the most successful people. Think about your favorite sports person, business person or someone you admire, they too have had plenty of setbacks on their journey. Often times it is the most successful people who have had to overcome the biggest setbacks and challenges on their way to achieving career success. What truly separates people is how they respond to these moments, these setbacks, in the long-run. What matters is that they get back up, brush themselves down, learn lessons and move forward – never wavering from their pursuit of success.

I also know that success breeds more success and self-confidence, and continued setbacks have the opposite impact. The worst thing about consistent setbacks is that they start to damage your self-confidence, eventually, you stop pushing yourself and then one day you stop taking yourself seriously. Recognize this as a mental pattern. But also acknowledge that it is possible for a person to move forward and achieve their desired success, despite these feelings!

Knowing you, I know that you have the raw skills and ability to change this pattern for yourself. Think about this: you think that people are just born with everything they need to be successful? They aren’t. What helps successful people be successful is their ability to recognize they need help. Everyone needs help along the way, a coach, a mentor or just some sage advice. So do not let this apathy take hold. It is time to take yourself seriously. Start believing again. Start to hold yourself accountable for your own success and believe that you are the master of your own destiny.

Find someone who can help you see past where you are now and make the next step on your journey. And I mean someone who can truly help you. Not the people you have been relying on. They have not worked well for you so far. It is time to branch out and find someone else. Someone who is fair, but will push you in ways you need to be pushed. Not someone who is a ‘friend’ and will not hold you accountable. Not someone who is clearly looking out for themselves, and might appear to be helping you, but never really drives you forward.

Still not convinced? Think about it this way: what have you truly got to lose? Commit and try this, and hey if it doesn’t work, you will be right where you are now. But try it and if it works, just imagine how awesome it will feel to achieve what you want!

Remeber every day gives you another chance to try, another chance to be successful.

I believe you can do this! If I can help in any way, just let me know!


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