About Me

My name is Tom, I am a husband and father. I am a contributor to ThriveGlobal. I am a normal person. I have felt trapped, desperate and lost in my career. I have asked myself questions like: How to big career decisions easier? I Choose the wrong career, now what? Should I change jobs or stay put? However, I got through these times and managed to find success and happiness. I want to help others do the same.

I have held leadership positions for over a decade, working at startups, small, medium and global organizations. Throughout this time as I have spoken to people, there is one thing that I have witnessed over and over again: the happiest people in their careers, feel like they are in control. Sadly only the minority ever feel in control, yet this is open to everyone.

What strikes me every time I speak to someone who is unhappy in their career, is that they are not aware how much control they actually have. They are not aware that they can take control. They are not aware of the three simple decisions which lead to career success and happiness.

From this blog, I will explain and break down the three critical career decisions (Stay, Go or Switch) you must learn, practice and master. So whether you decide to Stay, Go or Switch, you will find career success and be happy.